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Grandy Does 'Rome is Burning'

If you missed it yesterday, Curtis Granderson was a guest correspondent on ESPN's Rome is Burning yesterday, reporting for Team USA from Miami. Unfortunately, a clip isn't available at, so we have to settle for some YouTube. Apologies for the sound and video quality. (Most definitely not "classic" or "epic," to use some of that Romey vernacular.)

Curtis and Derek Jeter are a little too buddy-buddy for my liking there (although Jeter made that groaner "I'll pay you later" joke). But maybe Grandy's been trying to get Minka Kelly's phone number from him. In that case, you do what's necessary.

And if there's a bright side, maybe Davey Johnson was watching, remembered Granderson was on the Team USA roster, and gave him the start in centerfield last night. He responded with a 2-for-3, two-RBI night.

Thanks to our friends at It's Just Sports for forwarding along the video. (They're not responsible for the actual recording, just so you know.)