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Morning Prowl: Scouting Dontrelle, Projecting 2009, and Adjusting Stances

More on Dontrelle Wilils? Jayson Stark talked to a scout (hopefully not the same guy Nick Cafardo spoke with) who said Willis looked "tentative" and "so easy to hit" on Friday. And once again, the lack of "herky-jerky" was noted.

(via The Cutoff Man)

Over at Tiger Tales, Lee has put together a composite 2009 projection for the Tigers' lineup, based on information from the CHONE, Marcel, and ZIPS systems.

Yesterday's Freep included a long feature on Matt Treanor ("the anti-Crash Davis") by Jon Paul Morosi. And you can't get through that many words about Treanor without also including his wife, Misty May-Treanor. Definitely worth a read. Treanor's a really interesting guy.

Does Jeremy Bonderman even own a brandy snifter? In Samara's world, he does, while getting existential about health.

Brandon Inge's home run on Saturday was the result of adjustments he's made in his swing, particularly in where he keeps his hands.

Tiger Geist has a destination in mind for Mike Hessman, if he's not on Detroit's major league roster out of Spring Training.

Friday's Seattle Times ran a piece about Chris Shelton, who's fighting for a job with the Mariners. With the help of an old friend, he's changed his approach at the plate.