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Bondo to Detroit for Doctor's Visit

UPDATE (7:00 p.m.): As densogirl mentioned in the comments, the Freep's John Lowe reported that Bonderman's exam came out clean, with no structural problems found. If all goes according to plan, and Bondo's soreness clears up after he finishes his anti-inflammatory meds, he'll resume his throwing program (and still be on schedule for the regular season) .

Another red flag for Jeremy Bonderman? Or just a necessary precaution? Jason Beck just reported on his blog that the Tigers sent Bondo to Detroit this morning to have his sore shoulder checked out by team doctors.

Maybe the Tigers are just covering all their bases, and it certainly seems better not to make any guesses, but Beck says that Bonderman originally wasn't even going to see a doctor in Lakeland. So does this indicate a growing concern that there could be a larger problem with that shoulder?