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Morning Prowl: Porcello's Finger, Zumaya Plays Catch, and Chipper Hates Toronto

Rick Porcello got through his bullpen session without re-opening the cut on his right index finger, so he'll make his scheduled start tomorrow against the New York Yankees.

Speaking of Porcello, he and Ryan Perry (who looked good again last night) are on Jon Heyman's list of 34 rookies to watch. Heyman also has a couple of other Tigers notes in the column.

(via The Cutoff Man)

Joel Zumaya played catch yesterday, flinging it 60 feet. If everything feels okay today, he'll move it out to 90 feet. Another pain-free session could have him on track to throw off a mound by the beginning of next week.

Macay McBride was outrighted to Toledo yesterday. With an opening now on Detroit's 40-man roster, Billfer wonders what's next for one of three relievers looking for a spot. Take 75 North has the same question.

By the way, Matt also explains the differences between outrighting, reassigning, and optioning players to the minors, which I know I needed some help with.

Walkoff Walk has its AL Central preview. They don't think much of the division overall, but have the Tigers right there until the end.

This isn't Tigers-related, unless you think of familiar shoulder injuries while reading it, but Jeff Passan's feature on Mark Prior's recovery from continuing shoulder issues - and the mechanics that were once deemed flawless - is worth a read.

I've never been a Chipper Jones fan, but his comments about Toronto bothered me. Maybe Larry was mad he couldn't see Donny & Marie, and just couldn't enjoy one of North America's best cities. As you might imagine, Toronto bloggers were a bit ticked off by this.

Finally, thanks to everyone who participated in the Spring Game Thread last night. Not a bad turnout for a preseason game being played while the NCAA basketball tournament (and a local team) was on. I think we're going to have a fun season.