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Morning Prowl: Looming Cuts, Yesterday's Injuries, and Ticket Sales

Should we expect reliever Scott Williamson to be among today's cuts, after giving up five runs on five hits and one walk in just one inning of work yesterday? If so, I still hope he sticks around in Toledo. He could be useful later in the year.

Mack Avenue Tigers watched yesterday's game, and has blow-by-blow descriptions of Nate Robertson's thumb injury and Adam Everett's sprained ankle.

Lynn Henning thinks Danny Worth could be the Tigers' shortstop for years to come - if he hits. But isn't the shortstop of the future supposed to be Cale Iorg?

Perhaps you were like me and wondering why the Tigers' WBC quartet wasn't in the lineup yesterday against the New York Mets. (I mean, it was on TV and everything!)

Simma down now, says Jim Leyland. With a two-and-a-half hour bus ride to Port St. Lucie, Leyland thought it was better for his hitters to stay in Lakeland and get work in.

At the end of her latest post at Roar of the Tigers, I think Samara puts this uproar over Detroit's Opening Day being scheduled during Good Friday services in proper perspective.

Take 75 North takes a look at the PECOTA projections for the Tigers' minor league prospects, and interprets some of the scores.

Looking at decreased season ticket sales (something we mentioned earlier this month - toot!), the Freep talks to a couple of fans who didn't renew and examines how the expected loss in revenue affected the team's offseason.

Three Tigers bloggers chimed in for a season preview for the Philly Sports Post. With a couple of exceptions, I think we were all pretty much on the same page. The Tigersosphere can be so agreeable. I might try to start a fight.

Some Tigers trivia questions have been posted for you in a FanPost. Five of them, to be exact. (And thank you for doing that.) Take a crack at 'em.

Today's non-baseball note: If you're a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, SB Nation's Bloody Elbow entered a partnership with USA Today to create Top 25 rankings for fighters in each weight class.