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Morning Prowl: Zumaya, Porcello, Firesales, and Rumors

Okay, this Spring Training thing isn't fun anymore if Rick Porcello isn't going to pitch well, either. In 2.1 innings against the Rays, he gave up three hits and three walks while throwing 62 pitches (and trying too hard with his curveball). Somehow, Porcello allowed only one run through all of that.

I think I feel a pain in my forehead, right above my nose.

Joel Zumaya threw a pain-free bullpen session yesterday, but Jim Leyland said before last night's game that Glass Joel was "highly unlikely" to be ready for Opening Day. In other news, today is Friday.

A meme that seems to be developing around the Tigers is that the economy will force them to start unloading players and salaries like freight from a sinking ship. Buster Olney was the latest to push this idea.

Everyone who's worried about a firesale needs to read Mack Avenue Tigers' thorough and thoughtful examination. While the Tigers do need to change how they've been doing business the past two years, they don't have to put players out on the curb to save the franchise.

Tiger Geist also responds to the cries of "firesale!" pointing out that the Ilitch family isn't hurting when it comes to money. And with Mr. I about to turn 80, I don't think he's about to stop trying to get a World Series championship.

Did you know there was a rumor that the Tigers might trade Marcus Thames and Jeff Larish to the Giants for pitcher Jack Taschner and infielder Ryan Rohlinger? No one around here seems to have heard anything about it. As it turns out, the Giants say there was no truth to the rumor.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)

Bleed Cubbie Blue previews the four AL Central teams the Cubs will be playing this season, and predicts the Tigers will finish... last in the division.

Are the Kansas City Royals this year's Tampa Bay Rays? Bert Blyleven thinks so.

(via Royals Review)