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Spring Game Thread: Braves at Tigers

Javier Vazquez vs. Jeremy Bonderman, 1:05 p.m. EST

If today's match-up has a familiar ring to it, Javier Vazquez and Jeremy Bonderman faced each other on television 10 days ago. Here we go again.

Bondo's appearance comes after Jim Leyland announced yesterday that he was "highly unlikely" to make his first turn in the rotation, which probably would've been in Detroit's fourth or fifth game of the season. With Opening Day just over a week away, he has a lot of stamina to build. Depending on how Bonderman performs today, a trip to the disabled list to begin the year could be a possibility.

For your viewing purposes, Bondo should be done with his work for the day before many of you switch over to CBS for the Michigan State-Louisville game at 2 p.m. EST. (And judging by how many Spartans we have in the BYB Brigade, along with how many picked MSU in the BYB Bracket Blowout, I imagine that will draw some interest. If it's anywhere near as good as last night's Villanova-Pittsburgh game was, hoo boy.)