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Morning Prowl: Porcello's Start, Morosi's Mancrush, and Clay's Breaking Ball

When Jim Leyland says things like, "I can honestly tell you that nobody's getting ahead of anybody else," is it any wonder that Rick Porcello might be getting a stronger look from the Tigers' coaching staff?

On his blog, Jeff Pearlman predicted a fourth-place finish for Detroit, as he's not impressed with either Dontrelle Willis nor Edwin Jackson.

I'd like to thank Jon Paul Morosi for once again providing us with the opportunity to make fun of his apparent man-crush on Jack Wilson. I thought we were done with stories about Wilson, but Morosi talked to him yesterday about what could've been. Wilson endorsed the signing of Adam Everett, however.

Can Clay Rapada be the second left-hander in the Tigers' bullpen? He'll need to master a breaking pitch first.

Perhaps Rapada can take a cue from Joel Zumaya, who broke out some curveballs and change-ups yesterday, much to the delight of Leyland and Rick Knapp.

Joe Posnanski thinks the Kansas City Royals pitching staff could rack up a lot of strikeouts this season.

The Daily Fungo looks back at a curious trade from 14 years ago that involved former Tiger Barbaro Garbey.

After putting together a composite projection for the Tigers' batters, Tiger Tales does the same for Detroit's pitching staff.