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Morning Prowl: D-Train, Neyer, Rosenthal, and Newton

The Tigersosphere's resident injury expert, Samara of Roar of the Tigers, attempts to determine what might have shown up in Dontrelle Willis's blood work to raise red flags among the team's medical staff, and dispel some of the misconceptions that have already developed.

For the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast, Mike McClary chats with's Rob Neyer to talk about the offseason that was and the regular season that shall be. Spartans fans should enjoy Rob's prediction for the MSU-Kansas game.

Ken Rosenthal picks the Tigers to finish last in the AL Central, based largely on their pitching questions. But hey, being picked first didn't work out so well last year.

The Tigers aren't the only team having trouble filling out the fourth and fifth spots in their starting rotation. In his Sunday notes column, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo writes that this is a problem throughout the majors.

Tiger Geist passes along how two former Tigers are doing in the San Francisco Giants' camp.

South Side Sox wraps up their AL Central team previews - or as they aptly put it, "the race to be the tallest midget" - with a look at the Tigers.

Tiger Tales looks at the Total Average statistic created by Tom Boswell and applies it to the projected 2009 Tigers lineup.

Take 75 North notes the curious catching revival of prospect Jordan Newton, who mostly played the outfield last season, but has apparently gone back behind the plate this year.

Slide over to the FanPosts, and there's a second round of Tigers trivia for you, courtesy of Michigan and Trumbull. (The answers to last week's questions are also available.)

Please give a slow clap for Royals Review, which tallied its one millionth hit yesterday. We have a long way to go to catch up with them.