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Morning Prowl: Bad Contracts, Low Readings, Twitter, and April in the D

How many bad contracts are the Detroit Tigers carrying? Tim Dierkes named what he believes to be the 45 worst deals in baseball, and five Tigers are on the list: Gary Sheffield, Jeremy Bonderman, Dontrelle Willis, Nate Robertson, and Brandon Inge.

I'm on board with at least three of those. The Willis and Robertson deals are awful, and scare off any potential trade partner. Sheffield's contract is similarly problematic, but at least he's given the Tigers some production. Inge's looks terrible now, but if I recall correctly, that was a below-market deal for a starting third baseman at the time. And I don't think Bondo should be on this list. Locking up a key part of the future long-term was a smart move.

After taking a look at that list, Rob Neyer thinks Dave Dombrowski needs to take some criticism for the situation he's created. Especially if he got so much credit for the team he built up until last season.

(Hat tip to Blake, who chimed in on this subject, as well.)

While we're talking about contracts, Ken Davidoff noted the huge amount of money that the New York Yankees are on the hook for in 2012. He then expanded his scope to the other teams in baseball. The Tigers might be high on the list, but fans are probably happy with the players they're committed to.

Is the radar gun at Joker Marchant Stadium clocking lower readings than it should be? Jim Leyland and Nate Robertson think so.

Take 75 North lists 12 minor leaguers who need to produce if they want to continue having a future in the Tigers' organization.

Curtis Granderson got a taste of how dedicated Yankees fans are in their hatred of Red Sox players. (Team USA colors be damned.)

If you want and need more Jason Beck,'s Tigers beat writer is now on Twitter. (It's the sensation sweeping the nation!)

So are you a little bit curious to hear what the new "April in the D" song will sound like on FOX Sports Detroit? A winner has been declared and will perform the song at WRIF's Opening Day party at the Fillmore (formerly the State Theatre).