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Detroit Tigers Batting Stances, Past and Present

It seemed like kind of a slow news day in Tiger Town today (Michael Hollimon might need a fingernail removed, and Wilkin Ramirez had a collision at first base), which gives me a chance to post a video that I saw on Facebook a week ago. (Thanks, Don!) You may or may not be familiar with Batting Stance Guy, but he can do some pretty funny stuff:

I'm mostly wishing I'd have thought of this myself. If YouTube had been around 12-15 years ago, I could've been a contender. Anyway, here's his take on several Detroit Tigers past and present.

So what did you think? Not sure about the Maggs or Grandy, but the Trammell and Tettleton stances were pretty good.

But really, I was disappointed in the Tony Phillips stance. Remember how he used to pump his bat up and down before setting his hands? (Eventually, he got rid of that, with some prodding from Sparky.) And no spitting? Personally, I think mine would be way better. (I also did a great Gary Carter, but this might be the wrong crowd.)