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When Bondo Plays Catch, We Take Notice

As planned, Jeremy Bonderman resumed throwing after his anti-inflammatory medication cycle completed. This morning, he played catch, throwing from 60 feet with no discomfort.

How did Bondo describe the session to Jason Beck?

"Felt good," Bonderman said. "Felt 100 times better than it did before."

Okay, maybe Bondo's more a man of action than of words. (Having interviewed him a couple of times for magazine assignments, I can definitely vouch for that.)

What's next? According to Beck, Bonderman will throw again tomorrow, playing catch at a longer distance. Then, if all goes well, he'll be pitching from a mound soon after.

And if you didn't see it, here was the official diagnosis on Bondo's shoulder troubles, courtesy of Lynn Henning:

Monday's diagnosis was that a nerve disrupted by last year's surgery is still healing. Doctors said the nerve was the source for stiffness in Bonderman's shoulder that last week knocked him out of a scheduled start.

Don't we all have disrupted nerves when it comes to Bonderman's health?