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Projecting the Detroit Tigers Offense

Baseball Musings has been posting its Team Offense Reports for 2009, and the one for the Detroit Tigers is now available. David Pinto creates these by looking at the probable lineups, punching in numbers from the Marcel projections, and running them through his own Lineup Analysis tool.

Last year, Pinto projected the best Tigers lineup to score 5.75 runs per game. To no one's likely surprise, they underperformed and scored 5.08 (which isn't far off from the 4.96 he projected for the worst Tigers lineup). This year, he has them scoring 5.16 at their best.

As with Baseball Prospectus's Team Health Report, much of the Tigers' success is based on staying healthy. The big "if" continues to loom.

Speaking of Baseball Musings, we should mention that it's time for their annual pledge drive. David's been really kind to BYB over the past year, linking to several stories and bringing us more attention than we would've received otherwise. His Probablistic Model of Range has also provided a lot of help in trying to figure out who's playing good defense.

David does this blogging thing for a living, so if you're able to make any contribution, even if it's $1.00, it'll help him - and in turn, help the baseball blogosphere.