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Tigers Single-Game Tickets Are Still a Hit

So maybe Detroit Tigers fans don't want to marry their team this season, but they're sure interested in dating them.

While season ticket sales were way down this winter, the appetite for Tigers baseball is still apparently quite large. On the day when single-game seats went on sale, the Tigers had its third-highest first day sales since the team moved to Comerica Park. (The two best were before the 2007 and 2008 seasons.)

Maybe that shouldn't be a surprise, given how many comments were posted here about buying tickets yesterday. And with the exception of Opening Day tickets, it sounds like people generally got seats to the games they wanted. (Although computer glitches sounded like a problem for some.)

We probably covered this already yesterday, but if anyone has some new ticket-buying stories to share, post them in the comments. Perhaps you had better luck getting through today, after the initial rush had passed?

And overall, do you think this hints at some latent optimism for the 2009 season? Or do people just love spending summer evenings and afternoons at a baseball game?