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This Week's Poll Question

The general consensus among baseball observers this spring seems to be that the AL Central is a mediocre division. But that could result in a close race among its five teams. So any improvement made to a roster could make the difference.

The Tigers didn't have a flashy offseason, but I'd argue it was effective. Perhaps the splashiest move was made by the Indians, who signed Kerry Wood during the Winter Meetings. The Royals also turned heads last week when they added Juan Cruz to their bullpen. And the Twins might have the best third baseman they've had in years, after signing Joe Crede. Meanwhile, the White Sox cut loose some of their bigger names, such as Nick Swisher and Javier Vazquez.

That brings us to this week's poll question:

Which AL Central rival had the best offseason?

Of course, your comments on the subject are also welcome. You can find the poll on the right sidebar below the FanPosts block. Or you can click here to vote. And if you have suggestions for future poll questions, shoot me an e-mail.

* * *

I was having trouble thinking of a question last week, so it ended up as kind of a goof. But with possible injuries and some disappointing performances down in Lakeland, I could feel a twinge of worry and decided to go with that. I'm just glad only 9% of have considered jumping out the window, regarding the Tigers.

So are you worried about these Tigers yet?

29% Nah. It's the first week of March.

45% Lil' bit. Lil' bit.

16% My fingernail biting has increased, reflecting my concern.

9% I have looked out the window, wondering if a fall from this height would kill me. So, yes I'm worried.