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The Big Three in Centerfield

I wanted to ask if anyone who might have snapped a photo of the automaker logos in centerfield while at today's home opener could post it in the FanPosts or send it over, but the Tigers' official website provided a first glimpse earlier this week.

With all the trouble that General Motors has been having and rumblings of the company giving up their suites at Comerica Park, I've been curious about what would happen to the giant GM sign across the centerfield fountains. And I think the solution Mike Ilitch came up with is a great show of support for the industry that gives Detroit its identity.

The Big Three have been punching bags around the country for months now, and I think it's great that Ilitch and the Tigers are planting a flag and taking a stand. To me, it's even more impressive, considering he turned down other offers to take over that space and is basically donating it when most everyone around baseball seems to think the Tigers are on the verge of financial ruin.

I just felt the need to say something on this. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Detroit Tigers blog and Opening Day coverage.