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One Screenshot Says It All

People familiar with keeping up on a game, or recapping it, through Gameday know that you can watch each pitch of an at-bat, as the animation demonstrates what sort of pitch was thrown, where it went in the strike zone, and which one was put into play. Shortly after Kris Benson served up a meatball that Miguel Cabrera just about hit to the Al Kaline statue in center field, I clicked over to Gameday to see where that pitch was.

Because on TV, it looked like it was right down the middle, but that's also the sort of thing that we always seem to say. "Boy, he put that one right down the middle." Well, according to Gameday, we had it right this time. Here's the at-bat:

One pitch. An 88 m.p.h. fastball right down the middle. Boom goes the dynamite.