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It's Clobberin' Time! Tigers 15, Rangers 2

Maybe it was playing in the comfort of Comerica Park. Maybe it was playing outdoors on grass, instead of under a roof on carpet. Maybe it was wearing those splendid home uniforms. Or maybe it was just facing the Texas Rangers' pitching staff.

Whatever the reason, the Detroit Tigers brought out the big guns and put on a show for the first home crowd of the year. Only Brandon Inge didn't drive a run in (though he did get a hit), and Carlos Guillen was the lone hitless batter (though he did get a RBI). Those jets flying overhead before the game weren't the only things that went BOOM...


Miguel Cabrera continued his monstrous start to the season, blowing the game open in the fourth inning by launching a grand slam off Kris Benson. The home run landed near the flagpole in left-center field, where the fence meets the centerfield wall. Other than hitting a ball to dead center, or higher up along the brick wall, a ball can't be hit much farther in Comerica Park.

Cabrera barely missed another homer in the seventh, when another drive to left field hit the top of the fence. For the day, the man still in need of a classic nickname went 3-for-5 with six RBIs. Think he's locked in right now?

Also impressive was Armando Galarraga, striking out a career-high eight batters and shutting down a lineup that had scored 29 runs in three games before coming into Detroit. He allowed five hits and only one walk in seven innings against his former Rangers teammates, all in under 100 pitches. (97, to be exact.)

Many have questioned whether or not Galarraga can repeat his success from last season, but today, he certainly looked capable of giving the Tigers the same sort of performance. And sure, it's only one game, but if fans can boo Brandon Lyon on Opening Day after just one poor performance, we can get excited about this. (Juan Rincon also heard boos during pre-game introductions, in a somewhat surprising display of venom from the home crowd.)

Turning Point:

How about when Benson took the mound in the fourth inning? That's pretty much where the game ended.

Comment of the Day:

I swear to God
If we don’t get any runs out of this, I’m gonna……


by baum

Oh, if only every day could be Opening Day in Detroit.