The Official Miguel Cabrera Nickname Thread

After the first week of the Detroit Tigers' 2009 season, one thing has become very clear.  Miguel Cabrera needs a good nickname.  Sure, there's "Miggy," but that's kind of pedestrian, isn't it?  (Plus, I don't know about you, but I kind of associate that with Miguel Tejada.)

And with all due respect to Mario Impemba and Rod Allen, their attempt just isn't good enough.  "Cabby"?  Really? 

No.  This guy isn't driving us to the airport.  But he might be driving the Tigers to contention this season. After seven games, Cabrera is hitting .520/.586/.960 with three home runs and 10 RBIs.  He's going to need a much better nickname.

You guys have already taken up the challenge and thrown out some suggestions.  And other Tigers bloggers, such as Old English D and DesigNate Robertson, have taken up the cause too.

Explosivo2k2 posted a FanShot noting the discussion that took place in Saturday's GameThread, as well as his candidate, "El Martillo" (The Hammer).  I don't want to take away from that, but I thought we should have one place to post ideas, and we'll keep this tacked to the top of the right-hand sidebar until we have a winner.

So let's see what we can do.  This could be an excellent opportunity to utilize those four years of Spanish you took in high school, but haven't used since. 

If you've already posted a nickname in a previous thread, we ask that you please do so again.  I don't know when we'll have a cut-off for this.  Maybe the All-Star Break would be the right time.  (But then, what if someone comes up with something better after that?  That's something we can decide on together.) 

And just to make this interesting, let's say the person who comes up with the best nickname gets a BYB Gear t-shirt with his or her creation on it. 

Let's give Miguel Cabrera a great nickname, people.  You can do it!

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