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Ownership Continues: White Sox 10, Tigers 6

Most of us don't much care for showing up to work early on a Monday, so maybe today's effort was to be expected from the Detroit Tigers. Of course, the game time didn't seem to bother the Chicago White Sox that much.

Is it the imposing black uniforms? The cool retro logo? Does Ozzie Guillen have some sort of bengal voodoo doll in his pocket? Whatever the reason, his guys continue to own the Tigers. Dating back to last season, the White Sox have won eight of their last 10 games against Detroit, including four straight.


Zach Miner apparently decided the Tigers had received enough quality starting pitching over the last seven games. After getting out of the first inning clean, he proceeded to pitch batting practice. Jermaine Dye and Paul Konerko were appreciate as they hit back-to-back homers to lead off the second, both of which were the 300th of their respective careers.

That's actually kind of cute, isn't it? Maybe the two of them will get matching tattoos tonight in Ferndale. "300! Tonight, we dine in hell!" Or something like that. (And you know that's leading to a "every game gives you a chance to see something you've never seen before" commentary from Tim Kurkjian this week on "Baseball Tonight.")

Miner went on to give up six more runs (two more of them on another home run by Carlos Quentin), never giving his lineup a chance to catch up, though they tried. And Gavin Floyd was beatable today, allowing seven walks (and six runs) in five innings.

Turning Point:

The game was probably already decided before this, but the Tigers were only down by two runs in the fifth, when Floyd walked two of the first three batters he faced. Ramon Santiago (who hit a three-run homer two innings earlier) then hit a drive to right-center field that looked like a sure double, if not triple. But Dewayne Wise ran it down, truly giving up his body for it, as he separated his shoulder when he hit the ground after lunging for the catch. Comeback snuffed out.

(And if Wise hadn't hurt himself, he probably could've gotten a double play, as Carlos Guillen had run well past second base, thinking that was a hit.)

Comment of the Day:

why is it that every person on their team looks like a Hall of Famer when they play us?

by handsomerob1

On a chilly, gloomy afternoon, the most exciting thing on BYB today might be trying to give Miguel Cabrera a nickname. (Have you submitted your suggestion yet?)