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Armando Keeps Rolling: Tigers 9, White Sox 0

Maybe having an extra day to think about Monday's butt-kicking from the Chicago White Sox had the Detroit Tigers a little ornery today. Or maybe Jose Contreras kind of tired out by the fifth inning, and the Tigers. Whatever the reason, it was nice to see the Tigers on the winning side of a 9-0 game, especially against a division rival that gives them nothing but problems.


Do you think the Tigers' other starting pitchers are envious of the run support Armando Galarraga gets? Detroit's lineup has scored 24 total runs in his first two starts of the season. Considering Galarraga has only allowed one run in those 13.1 innings, he doesn't necessarily need the help. But maybe we should give him the nickname "Ten-run-do." (Or "No-run-do"?)

Miguel Cabrera continued his blazing start to the season, going 3-for-5 with another home run. Dan Dickerson joked on the radio that The Puma played like he was mad to see his average dip under .500.

Though I called Cabby "The Puma," I just as easily could've used "Miggy Smalls" or "El Martillo." In no way was that an indication which way we're leaning in The Official Miguel Cabrera Nickname Thread. (Though some appear to be early favorites.)

And if you didn't see Brandon Inge's play to end the third inning, gloving a ball deep behind third base, then throwing off his back foot from the grass to beat Josh Fields to first with a perfectly placed one-hopper, you really should tune in for the highlights on ESPN or MLB Network tonight. (Or pester to make video clips embeddable.) That. Was. Sweet.


Jim Leyland didn't seem too happy with Ryan Perry after he finished up a wild eighth inning. Throwing 18 pitches - only nine of them for strikes - earned the rookie a chat from his manager when he came into the dugout.

Turning Point:

In the fifth inning, with one out, and runners on second and third, Galarraga struck out Brian Anderson and got Brent Lillibridge to pop out to right field. The White Sox could've taken the lead there, and never had a better scoring chance again.

In the Tigers' half of the inning, Placido Polanco made Contreras pay for walking two of the first four batters he faced, driving in two runs with a drive to center field that probably would've been a home run in another ballpark, but dropped in for a double at the CoPa.

Comment of the Day:

The Sox not happy with Perry's wildness

Harrleson is making an ass of himself on WGN. “He’s doing it on purpose!” Please.

I’m ready to jam an icepick in my ear. The man is a loon.

by BigAl

And with the Royals' 5-4 loss this afternoon to the Indians, the Tigers go into tomorrow's off-day - followed by the first west coast trip of the season - tied for first place in the AL Central.

AL Central Standings

Detroit 5 4 .555 0 Won 1
Kansas City 5 4 .555 0 Lost 1
Chicago 4 4 .500 0.5 Lost 1
Minnesota 4 5 .444 1 Won 1
Cleveland 2 7 .222 3 Won 1

(updated 4.15.2009 at 7:09 PM EDT)