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It's My Head, Perry! It's My Head!

I was curious if there would be anything in the papers today, elaborating on the exchange of words between Josh Fields and Ryan Perry after one of Perry's fastballs zoomed near Fields's head. Here's what Fields had to say following the game:

"He did it a couple times and kind of smirked. I don't know whether he was smirking out of frustration or not. I don't know. But a smile after 97 at your face ... I just said, 'Figure it out.' That's about it."I wasn't going to go out there. If I'd have gotten hit later on, it might have been a different story. I was getting my point across. ... No matter how young he is, or how wild he is, you figure out a way to stay away from heads."

Thanks for not letting me down, Jon Paul Morosi.

It doesn't sound like there are any hard feelings, especially since Perry's shown some pretty wild tendencies thus far this season. But when these two teams play each other next, it might be interesting to see what happens if Perry starts buzzing White Sox batters out of the box again.