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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

Hey folks, how's it going? You enjoying your baseball season so far? All righty then.

With the first scheduled off-day of the 2009 season, and some nice spring weather today in Michigan, I figured we'd bring out the hammocks, towels, and lawn chairs for our first BYOBYB open thread. And unlike last year's initial offering, maybe this one won't feel quite like a therapy session or support group meeting.

Of course, we can talk Tigers. That's why we're here, right? Is the team exceeding or falling short of your expectations so far? Or are they about where you thought they'd be? Who's surprising you? Who's been a disappointment? What excites you? What irritates you? This thread is yours.

And feel free to veer off-topic, as well. What's a good movie you've seen recently? (I have my eye on Adventureland.) What's your favorite summer fruit? How warm does it have to be before you break out the shorts? Etc., etc.

Just be nice to each other. That's really all we ask.