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Morning Prowl: Bird Notes, Injured Seawolves, Alfredo Figaro, and Runner-Up Rings

Maybe this makes me hypocritical for posting a link, but I could've done without learning exactly how Mark Fidrych died. Knowing that he was found under his truck was enough of an indication that something rather grisly had taken place.

It turns out that pain Casper Wells was feeling down his arm indicated something serious. He's fractured the hamate bone in his left hand, an injury that will keep him out six to eight weeks.

Also hurting down in Erie is Michael Hollimon, who bruised his left knee after sliding into a fence while trying to catch a foul ball.

(via Jason Beck)

It's not all bad news from Erie, however. Alfredo Figaro threw seven no-hit innings for the Seawolves last night, striking out five and walking three. After facing him twice this season, and failing to score in 12.2 innings, the Altoona Curve must be having nightmares about this guy. Take 75 North has more details from the game in its recap.

The Spot Starters looks at five Tigers who are struggling thus far. Maybe a long road trip can kick-start a couple of these guys.

Have you tried your hand at the latest round of Tigers Trivia? Thanks to Michigan and Trumbull for bringing some fun to the FanPosts.

Mack Avenue Tigers already likes the 2009 edition of the Tigers more than the '07 or '08 versions. I definitely agree with him that it's gratifying to see these guys go nine full innings (The Tao of Leyland!), where as last year's team often checked out when they fell behind.

The Dugout has posted a tribute to Fidrych, written as only they could do it, with The Bird having a conversation in heaven. Meanwhile, Jeff Pearlman bought a poster of Fidrych at a flea market 20 years ago, and it's stayed with him ever since.

Both Roar of the Tigers and Take 75 North will catch some of the Tigers' series in Seattle this weekend. Apparently, I missed the memo on that. Or just planned badly, as I'll be visiting Seattle in two weeks, after the Tigers are long gone (and the A's are in town). It could also be a MVN conspiracy.

I forgot to include this in yesterday's Prowl, but Big League Stew had an interesting debate on Wednesday, one that definitely applies here: Should World Series runners-up hand out league championship rings?

I remember thinking it was pretty cool in 2007, when the Tigers received their AL championship rings. And it sort of signified that competitive baseball was back in Detroit. Yet I also remember thinking that perhaps too big a deal was being made, considering they lost the World Series.