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And He Had the Flu!

If this was mentioned during last night's Tigers-Mariners game, I missed it (and I probably missed a lot, having slept through the middle innings, and playing catch-up this morning on DVR), but Edwin Jackson pitched shutout, five-hit baseball for eight innings while fighting the flu?

Give us the lowdown, Jim Leyland:

"He was sick as a dog. I was really worried about him whether he was going to hold up," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. "But he went out there and got through it. It was a courageous effort."

Despite placing (Typhoid) Adam Everett in quarantine back at the team hotel, to prevent him from passing along the flu bug he caught to his teammates, it sounds like Jackson couldn't avoid the sick himself. (And how many others might follow after the team made the cross-country flight to Seattle? Really, is there a worse place to be with sick people than on an airplane?) Yet it sure didn't seem to affect him last night against the Mariners.

"I just felt weak," Jackson said. "I'm not sure if it's a slight case of what's going around, but I was not fully energized."

What is Action Jackson capable of when he doesn't have a rumbly in his tumbly from the flu? The mind reels at the possiblities.