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Morning Prowl: Starting Rotation, Two Marlboros, Pepto Sales, and Dog Bites

If you're wondering how Detroit's starting rotation will turn after Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson next week, Zach Miner will go on Wednesday, Rick Porcello on Thursday, and Armando Galarraga will start the home opener on Friday.

Detroit4Lyfe posted a great quote from Jim Leyland about agonizing over the decision to cut Gary Sheffield, and what that drove him to. Definitely "Tao of Leyland" material. I smell endorsement deal.

Speaking of Sheffield being cut, DesigNate Robertson doesn't get all the applause over the decision.

Lynn Henning wonders how safe Nate Robertson's place really is on the Tigers' roster, dispensing some almost fatherly advice in the process.

Mack Avenue Tigers thinks naming Fernando Rodney as closer (for Monday, anyway) should boost Pepto-Bismol sales. Well yeah, unless you just go straight for the hard liquor. Maybe you should still get the Pepto, though.

Tiger Geist passes along some scuttlebutt from Buster Olney over some teams' concern that putting Dontrelle Willis on the DL for anxiety could potentially sent a bad precedent.

Why haven't the Tigers made the call on Jeff Larish over Brent Clevlen yet? Tom Gage says it's so Clevlen is more likely to pass through waivers when he's eventually outrighted to the minors.

I'm not big on April Fools jokes, but Sam posted a pretty great one about Justin Verlander yesterday. (Meanwhile, I'm kind of embarrassed that I briefly fell for this story about an Asheville, NC newsweekly becoming an all-Twitter publication.)

Today's completely random thought: I was describing Chuck Knoblauch's throwing problem to my friend Mis Hooz last night, and she told me that "Knoblauch" means "garlic" in German. Did anyone else (other than Dirk, of course) know that?