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Tigers Looking at Chad Gaudin?

Tacked onto the end of Jon Paul Morosi's story about the Detroit Tigers trying to trade Ryan Raburn to the St. Louis Cardinals was an interesting nugget that arguably warrants its own story (or - ahem - blog post). The Tigers are looking into adding one more starting pitcher before Opening Day and may have zeroed in on Chad Gaudin, currently with the Chicago Cubs.

Gaudin hasn't had a good spring, unfortunately (which is why he's presumably available). In 13.2 innings, he's allowed 17 runs (16 earned) and 20 hits, with nine walks and nine strikeouts. Gaudin didn't pitch very well last year for the Cubs either, posting a 6.26 ERA in 27.3 innings, with 27 strikeouts and 10 walks. However, before he went to Chicago along with Rich Harden, he compiled a 5-3 record and 3.59 ERA in 62.7 innings with Oakland. He pitched in 26 games, starting nine of them.

Morosi cites Gaudin's $2 million salary as a possible hang-up for the Tigers, but that's less than half of what they're paying Brandon Lyon to not close games. The words "chump change" come to mind, and if the Cubs really want to get rid of him - which it appears that they do - perhaps Detroit wouldn't have to give up much in a deal.

And really, should the Tigers turn down a chance to recapture some of that magic from 2007, when another pitcher named Chad (whose last name ended with "in") provided some good innings, between the starting rotation and bullpen?