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Rick Porcello Gets the Rookie Treatment

Hopefully, a much better quality video of Rick Porcello's post-game interview on Fox Sports Detroit gets posted to YouTube soon, but for now, this is the best we get. It was recorded by my cell phone off my less-than-HD television. Also, I could only record 30 seconds worth of video, so you don't get to see how thoroughly Porcello was shaving-creamed, as he struggles to get it out of his eyes, mouth, and ears while talking to Trevor Thompson.

At least you can sort of make out who the perpetrator is, walking purposefully across the dugout along the right side of the screen. The poor picture quality almost gives this a Zapruder film sort of feel, doesn't it? (That is, if you didn't see the incident on TV already, in which case it's pretty clear who pasted Porcello.)