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This Week's Poll: Best Baseball Movie?

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Field of Dreams. Two weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary of Major League hitting theaters, noted by our friends at Big League Stew. (Who knew 1989 was such a good year for baseball movies?)

So for this week's poll (I apologize for not having a new one last week), I thought we'd take a short break from Tigers-related questions and expand our scope just a bit to the world of cinema:

What is the best baseball movie ever made?

I realize when it comes to something subjective like "the best," we're navigating some choppy waters. What does "best" mean? Is it another word for "favorite"? Are we talking about the movie that portrays baseball most closely or one that has the best story, and maybe uses baseball more as a setting?

Though I listed 10 films in the poll, I'll surely have forgotten one or more that some of you have enjoyed. If there are any particularly glaring omissions you think I made, please post them in the comments and maybe they can be added to the list. (The same goes for any you think shouldn't be included.)

And of course, anything you want to say about your baseball movie of choice is also welcome. You can find the poll on the right sidebar below the "Next Game" block. Or you can vote here. And if you have suggestions for future poll questions, shoot me an e-mail.

How did our last poll go?

I think we had our first close poll of the season, or at least we would've if I'd closed it after one week. Leaving it open for a second week, however, may have brought in some renewed optimism with the way the Tigers have been playing. Alas, I guess we'll never know...

Where will the Tigers finish in the AL Central?

39% First

22% Second

16% Third

9% Fourth

12% Dead Last