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Game 13: Tigers at Angels

Armando Galarraga (2-0, 0.68) vs. Jered Weaver (1-1, 3.09), 10:05 p.m. EST

After winning their second series of the season, the Tigers try to stay on a road trip roll against an Angels team that's been battered physically (Old English D laid out the details), and as we all know, emotionally. With a record of 4-8, that World Series champion pick of mine isn't looking so good at the moment.

Consider that a Seattle lineup showing very little punch in three games against the Tigers hung four runs and 10 hits (two of them home runs) on Jered Weaver in his last start. Weaver has a 2-1 record and an 8.78 ERA in three career appearances against Detroit. And most of that damage was inflicted at Angel Stadium (albeit in 2007).

Weaver's ERA might not improve very much tonight, because the Tigers have shown they love to score runs for Armando Galarraga. In his two starts, Detroit's lineup has scored 24 runs for him. And they didn't have to go to all that trouble, because Galarraga has only allowed one run in the 13.1 innings he's pitched. Last season, The Little Cat faced LAAnaheim twice, posting a 1.88 ERA in 14.1 innings.

If you haven't seen it, check out the FanShot posted by Sam Miller of the Orange County Register. He has some amusing opinions on the Tigers coming into this series. And for your SB Nation opposing view, stop over at Halos Heaven.