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Why Didn't Thames Pinch-Hit Last Night?

If you watched last night's Tigers-Angels game, you may have been wondering why JIm Leyland opted to pinch-hit Adam Everett for Jeff Larish, instead of Marcus Thames. Playing a little small ball for the tie seemed to fall in line with how the Tigers have been getting it done this season, but bringing some extra-base thunder off the bench (especially with the speedy Josh Anderson on first base) seemed to be called for. Leyland's options, however, were more limited than we realized.

Right after the game, the Tigers announced that Thames had pulled a muscle in his rib cage during batting practice, and was unavailable to pinch-hit. The injury is severe enough to put Thames on the disabled list, though the exact severity of the pull won't be known until MRI results are available.

Ryan Raburn has been called up from Triple-A Toledo to replace Thames and will join the Tigers for tonight's game.