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What Do Magglio Ordonez and Nick Punto Currently Have in Common?

From John Lowe in today's Freep:

"Magglio Ordoñez entered Tuesday's game hitting .295. But here's the strange thing: He didn't have an extra-base hit in his 12 games this season.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the only other big league regulars without an extra-base hit this season entering Tuesday were three AL infielders: Baltimore's Ty Wigginton, Minnesota's Nick Punto and the White Sox's Alexei Ramirez."

Maggs and Punto should never be in the same sentence. Ever. Fortunately, Lowe wrote his lede in such a way that he actually didn't put the two in the same paragraph, let alone sentence. Well done. That's why the man is a pro.

Perhaps we should leave the rest of the outrage to The Big Tilde. Surely, they will not let this stand.

UPDATE: Maggs and Punto no longer belong in the same sentence, because Punto hit a double earlier today. For those of you keeping score at home, that is Punto 1, Maggs 0. Okay, Maggs really needs to crank one tonight, extra-base style.