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Lunchtime Prowl: Lineup Musings, Tigers Blogs on Twitter, Zumaya's Return, and Food in Helmets

The Spot Starters has an interesting idea: What if Magglio Ordonez and Curtis Granderson switched places in the Tigers' lineup? It could prevent Maggs from hitting into so many double plays and give Grandy a chance to drive in some more runs.

But would Ordonez have to be more patient leading off? Would that affect his aggressiveness? Would Granderson see more fastballs and strikes batting in front of Miguel Cabrera, or might pitchers try to pitch him more carefully? Click over and join the debate.

Trumbull and Michigan is making an official campaign out of the idea. I volunteer him to go into Jim Leyland's office with the suggestion. Let us know how that goes, Sean. We'll be right out here waiting.

Mack Avenue Tigers thinks Joel Zumaya will likely be called up soon after completing his second rehab appearance for Triple-A Toledo last night. Most importantly, Zumaya pitched on back-to-back nights, which is essentially the yardstick for whether or not he's ready to join the Tigers' bullpen.

Zumaya definitely thinks he's ready, and has his eyes on next week's series with the New York Yankees. Let's see how that shoulder checks out first, young Joel.

Welcome both Mack Avenue Tigers and Trumbull and Michigan to Twitter! Both Tigers blogs jumped onto the latest thing yesterday, and should add some fun commentary to check out in smaller bites. We might have to create a sidebar for all the Tigers bloggers now on Twitter.

Of course, I must link to the Bless You Boys Twitter account, as well. Follow us and help our SB Nation bragging rights.

After discovering the Brevard County Manatees' "Taco Helmet," ate some Skyline Chili out of a little Reds helmet. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Leo's Coney Island needs to begin serving Coney Fries out of little Tigers helmets. Immediately.

(via Big League Stew on Twitter)

Old English D noticed a second commemorative patch on the Angels' jerseys. Who does that black diamond on the right sleeve honor?

Do you want some more Tigers Trivia from Michigan and Trumbull in the FanPosts? If so, speak your piece and he'll keep the questions coming.

I've been neglectful about pointing you toward SB Nation's Red Wings site since the NHL playoffs began. But with the Wings set to complete a first-round sweep of the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight, check out Winging It in Motown for chat and commentary. (And if I just jinxed the Wings, I apologize, Hockeytown.)