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Game 16: Tigers at Royals

Rick Porcello (1-1, 3.75) vs. Zack Greinke (3-0, 0.00), 8:10 p.m. EST

What's with all this Yankees-Red Sox stuff we're seeing on the TV? That's a series between two second-place teams, man. First place is on the line tonight at Kauffman Stadium! Tigers, Royals, AL Central.

As Sam Mellinger mentioned at the end of his interview with BYB, the Tigers will try to become the first team to score a run against Zack Greinke this season. In three starts, spanning 20 innings, Greinke hasn't allowed a run. Period. Not even an unearned run blemishes his record. And he's faced three rather powerful lineups in those appearances, with the White Sox, Indians, and Rangers. It's not like Greinke's facing his own lineup.

(Here's where I was hoping to post a YouTube clip of Dean Wormer telling Bluto Blutarsky that his grade point average was "zero point zero." Alas, there's nothing available. "In this country," according to YouTube. So if we were coming to you from, say, Belgium, you'd have a laugh. Alas, we are deprived. This is an outrage.)

Rick Porcello looked strong in his second major league start for the Tigers. PItching seven innings, he only allowed one run and five hits. Tonight, he'll face a Kansas City lineup that's scored 61 runs, the second-fewest in the American League.

The Tigers might catch a break in later innings tonight, as the Royals announced earlier today that closer Joakim Soria would miss three to five days with a stiff shoulder. That might explain why he hadn't pitched in the past eight days. So who pitches for Kansas City in a save situation this weekend? Trey Hillman wouldn't dare put Kyle Farnsworth out there, would he?