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Morning Prowl: Verlander's Stretch, D-Train's Progress, Anderson in a Pinch, and Lil' MLB Helmets

Could some of Justin Verlander's issues be related to pitching out of the stretch? The Detroit Tigers Weblog gets out the Pitch F/X machine to investigate further.

Mack Avenue Tigers passes along a quote from Dontrelle Willis, the first line of which might make you think there was something to this "anxiety disorder" stuff, after all. Unless he said that as sort of a response to the whole situation.

Kurt also tuned in via internet to the D-Train's rehab start for Double-A Erie yesterday. I wish I'd have thought of that, instead of, like, taking a nap after working on the yard.

Here's a bit more on Willis' performance from Jason Beck.

Detroit Tigers Thoughts has posted an initial projection of the Elias Rankings used to determine Type A or B free agency. First up are the American League rankings.

Tiger Geist wonders if Josh Anderson would ultimately be better coming off the bench, used often as a pinch-runner, than as the starting left fielder.

If you missed it - and Kurt posted a note in one of the weekend GameThreads - the New York Yankees released pitcher Humberto Sanchez, perhaps the key piece of the Gary Sheffield trade. Could the Tigers pick him back up and assign him to one of their minor league clubs?

DesigNate Robertson has focused his critical eye on Rod Allen. I'm thinking that Rogo was a little crabby when he wrote this one.

Do I think Allen is our finest baseball analyst? No, but when you have to talk for three hours, not everything out of your mouth is going to be a gem. Especially when your body clock is on Eastern Standard Time while you're calling a game in Anaheim.

Is Trumbull and Michigan worried about losing Matt Treanor to injury? Well, not so much. Me, I still think it was a good signing by the Tigers, and it's a shame Treanor's health hasn't allowed him to contribute.

But does Treanor's injury mean Misty May won't be spending most of the year in Detroit? According to her blog, that was the original plan as they've settled in Royal Oak.

(Hat tip to the aforementioned Tiger Geist)

Old English D has her eye on a MLB Batting Helmet Standings Board. "For her son," of course. I want to go to that.

(I wonder if I still have my old lil' helmets of all the AL Central teams? I know I used to have every NFL helmet, completing my collection when I worked at a grocery store and got the last four or five helmets from the guy who filled the machines. It was all very back alley. Any time you're handing cash to a dude standing outside a van, and he gives you a plastic bag in return, it just doesn't look good.)