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No Scott Williamson Comeback in Detroit

Here's another one I got wrong. I figured Scott Williamson would make a contribution to the Detroit Tigers' bullpen at some point this season, and was glad to see him accept an assignment to Toledo after he didn't make the team this spring. But if Williamson experiences a career revival (he hasn't pitched in the majors since 2007), it won't happen in Detroit. At least not with the Tigers.

Williamson was released yesterday from Triple-A Toledo to make room for Eddie Bonine. Bonine, as you know, was sent back down to the Mud Hens when Joel Zumaya was activated to the major league roster.

Much as he did in Spring Training, Williamson started out strong with Toledo, pitching two scoreless appearances. But then he seemed to wear down or just couldn't generate the same stuff, and hitters caught up to him. In his last three outings, Williamson allowed seven runs over 3.1 innings. He finished with an 11.81 ERA.