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Clerical Issues: Your Guest Host for the Next Week

Hope you don't mind a little bit of housekeeping, but I must bring a pressing clerical issue to your attention.

First, I will be taking a week-long trip to Seattle, beginning on Wednesday. (Why didn't I go when the Tigers were out there? So I could focus on Ichiro without any distraction.) Originally, I thought I'd try to keep the site updated from the Pacific time zone while not being able to see any Tigers action, which I'm sure would've gone over really well with my host.

But a fellow Tigers blogger has generously offered to fill in while I'm gone. You know him, you love him. He's a ladies man, and a Tigers fan. Kurt from Mack Avenue Tigers (also known as MackAveKurt) will be leading the BYB newsroom and tending the GameThreads bar.

We've already given Kurt the keys to the BYB work closet, and he's been trying out all the toys in there. He will be all over it for you, and maybe try some new things, which could be fun. I can't thank him enough for helping out.

And if you have any suggestions for things to see and places to visit in Seattle, I'd love to hear 'em.

Now, the gratuitous housekeeping items:

  • If you're interested in subscribing to BYB via RSS, is our feed URL.
  • Join the growing legion of followers for BYB on Twitter! We have no chance of catching up to Christy and Winging It in Motown. (How does that girl do it?) But we're currently third among SBN baseball sites, so we might have a shot there.
  • Have you joined the Bless You Boys page on Facebook? You won't even have to read a list of my five favorite adolescent celebrity crushes there.
  • And since Kurt's going to be Lord of the Manor for the next week, please check out his Twitter feed and Facebook page, as well.

Thanks for your time. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Detroit Tigers blogging.