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Hi, I'll be your host this week!

As Ian said yesterday, he'll be running off the Emerald City to see the Wizard Ichiro this week, and he left the keys to the fancy blog in my hands and said, "Don't crash it!" I'll try not to drive not to fast, dude! But seriously, I've been a fan of Ian's baseball writing going back several years to Sweaty Man Endeavors, a blog that focused on a bunch of Detroit sports, and I've been a daily reader of Bless You Boys ever since he took over. So I'm honored to step in for the week and write for it.

You may know me already from the comments section here. Or maybe, you've (please please please, I hope!) visited my blog, Mack Avenue Tigers (wait, that didn't sound desperate, did it?), which I've been running since 2006. I'm a SABR at heart, but not too good with coming up with fancy charts, so I stick more to what we can see. Writing two blogs for the week, I won't be able to keep up with the voracity you've come to expect here, but I'll do my best to keep content fresh at both sites, including writing the game threads, postgame and any big breaking news here. I'll be doing my normal recaps and analysis at Mack Avenue Tigers, too, so feel free to read both blogs daily. Things should look, more or less, like normal here for the week. Except, I have discovered there's a bunch of crazy toys Ian has been hording for himself. Such as:

The awesomeness of Bobby Seay

#44 / Pitcher / Detroit Tigers





Jun 20, 1978

2009 - Bobby Seay 0-0 0.00 0.41 4 0

So I'll try to have fun with some of this stuff this week, too. Hope it's a fun week for all of us!