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Morning Prowl: Nate's Wait, Sheff Watch, Season Tickets, and AL Central Previews

At Roar of the Tigers, Samara preaches The Church of What's Happening Now to Nate Robertson. Does he really think Detroit can swing a deal, with his recent performance and future salary?

Rob Neyer, however, believes Robertson is still a capable starting pitcher (which he also said on The Detroit Tigers Podcast last week), and thinks the Tigers are wasting him in the bullpen.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's John Fay reports that Gary Sheffield spoke with Dusty Baker over the phone, and was told he'd probably be a platoon left fielder with the Reds.

More Neyer: Rob wonders why the Phillies (or any NL team, for that matter) would be interested in Sheffield. Me, I think Philadelphia is where Sheff finally ends up.

One more NL team taking a look at Sheff? The St. Louis Cardinals, according to's Steve Kornacki. (Scroll down to the bottom.)

If you're a Tigers season ticket holder, you already know this, but the motif for this year's tickets is based on the 1984 set of Topps baseball cards. Pretty slick job by Ron Wade (who's on Twitter) and his marketing staff.

Both Baseball Digest Daily and Baseball Musings have posted their AL Central previews. How do the Tigers stack up? Well...