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Give It Up For Grandy (and Michigan Schools)

Jerkwheat from The Big Tilde brought this to our attention a few days ago, but we didn't have a chance to post something on it until now. (Hopefully, it doesn't get lost while we cram it in among the other Opening Day stuff.)

As you may or may not already know, Curtis Granderson has established a fund drive for his Grand Kids Foundation called Scoring For Schools. Donations for every run Granderson scores during the 2009 season (including playoffs, if the Tigers get there), with the money going toward Michigan's inner city public schools.

And if you agree to donate 28 cents or more before 7:15 p.m. EST tonight (first pitch for the season opener), Granderson will send you an autographed photo in return. (I apologize for the short notice.)

You can make your pledge here. Or if you'd prefer to donate a different amount (as little as one cent for every run Grandy scores), you can do that at any time during the season.

In other news from Grandyland, Detroit's favorite centerfielder has also agreed to blog this season for Yahoo's Big League Stew. His first post (about the expectations going into this season) went up today, and our friend 'Duk will surely take very good care of him. (Or at least better care than 'Duk and the BLS crew received from commenters when they picked the Tigers to finish last in the AL Central. Yeah, we're touchy about that.)

But back to the Scoring For Schools Pledge Drive, Jerkwheat has also agreed to donate 30 cents for every run Magglio Ordonez scores this season. I was thinking maybe we could do something similar, but put it to you as to what number we could attach our pledges to. Miguel Cabrera RBIs? Placido Polanco runs scored? Justin Verlander strikeouts? We're obviously open to suggestions, and hope you'll post them here.

Please donate if you can. It's going to a nice cause and for a guy every Tigers fan (and baseball fan) can root for.