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Trashed: Blue Jays 12, Tigers 5

That Opening Day glow didn't last long, did it? At least we had the day leading up to game time to enjoy the anticipation. Is there anything that didn't go wrong which the Tigers needed to go right?

Justin Verlander couldn't make it through the fourth inning. The bullpen - notably spring standout Juan Rincon - failed to keep the game in control. Defensive whiz Adam Everett made a key error on a ball hit right at him.

Even basic civility seemed to break down, as some pinhead threw a baseball at Josh Anderson in left field, only to be joined by others tossing garbage onto the field, which led Jim Leyland to pull his team off the field in the eighth inning. (No word on why an announcement wasn't made to the crowd to simma down now. Or if there was ever any question as to whether the Jays might have to forfeit the game. Though I doubt it ever came to that.)

Not sure this should go to anyone when the Tigers lose so decisively, but Brandon Inge had the best night with the bat, going 1-for-4 with a two-run homer. Maybe we should give this to Adam Lind, who went 4-for-5 with six RBIs.

Getting only 3.2 innings from Verlander not going to help the Tigers win many games this season. What's particularly baffling is that Verlander looked strong to start the game, throwing in the upper 90s and spotting the ball right on the outside part of the plate. But it fell apart three batters into the game.

Turning Point:
Verlander's two-out walk to Alex Rios was when the game went sour. But I'll argue that it became officially out of reach with Lind's home run off Eddie Bonine. Things didn't look good for the Tigers, down 6-1, but Lind's three-run bomb put a lid on it.

Comment of the Night:

2 out walks

This is why pitching coaches HATE! more than any other type of walk or flaw in pitching the TWO OUT WALK.

by Detroit4lyfe

Thanks to everyone who came out for the GameThread. Opening Day excitement or not, we had a fantastic turnout. If only the game wouldn't have gotten out of hand so early, it would've been a hell of a lot more fun. Hopefully, we'll see most of you back tomorrow night.