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Morning Prowl: Little Things, Laughing to Stop From Crying, Grandy Tweets, and... Kevin Ritz?

As Russell Hammond said in Almost Famous, it's the little things that make the song. Old English D found a couple of little things to appreciate in last night's loss to the Blue Jays.

If you really want to put that game out of your mind and remind yourself why you love baseball (and why you were so excited yesterday), check out Matt's ode to Opening Day at Take 75 North.

We have our first disaster photo of the season, courtesy of The Big Tilde. Hopefully, we don't tap Google Images out of those, like we did last year.

But the best post-game image might be at From the CoPa. (Welcome back to rock n rye, by the way.) After sleeping on it, I suppose we can laugh about the debris-tossing craziness in the eighth inning.

If you see Kurt today, give him a pat on the back, virtual or otherwise. The poor guy just didn't have a good night, between the Tigers and the Spartans. (That game really did sort of end like 300, didn't it?)

Had I read Beefshower's Tigers season preview before I attempted to write mine, I would've just given up and pointed you to the Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass.

Remember Kevin Ritz? Pitched for the Tigers from 1989-1992? Selected in the 1992 expansion draft by the Rockies? Well, they certainly remember him in Colorado, as Purple Row profiles him for its "Rockies Retro" series.

And if you didn't notice it yesterday, Curtis Granderson is Twittering through's Tigers account. Look for the "CG28" tag. (Set up your own account, Grandy!)