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One Shining Moment: The BYB Bracket Blowout Winner

With last night's conclusion of the NCAA Basketball Tournament (along with the hopes and dreams of the entire state of Michigan, if you listened to Jim Nantz), we have a winner in the first annual BYB Bracket Blowout.

Our champion would've been announced here anyway, but since he hid his e-mail address, I must try to contact him billboard-style, through this post. I respect your desire for privacy, sir, but I do need to notify you.

If you are the manager of the bracket Wesside Hoops, congratulations! You win the BYB Gear t-shirt of your choice. And believe me, not many people are running around with one of those, so you're in an exclusive club.

If you were just in it for the giggles, and we don't hear from you, I guess the prize will go to our runner-up. And perhaps that might provide some small consolation to Kurt, who is still nursing his wounded pride today. (Nothing blankets the soul like a BYB Gear t-shirt!)

Otherwise, winner and champion, please e-mail me to collect your prize. And thank you to everyone who participated. You all had your shining moment.