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Sorry, Jays Fans: You're Cut Off!

Perhaps alcohol was the main fuel behind last night's incident at Rogers Centre, where a fan threw a baseball at Josh Anderson (or Curtis Granderson) in the outfield toward the end of last night's season opener. (What do you think are the chances?)

If something similar were to happen tonight, however, beer can't be blamed. Because there's not going to be any sold in the ballpark tonight.

But the decision has nothing to do with what happened last night (unlike what I almost immediately assumed). This actually goes back to some license (or "licence," as they spell it in Canada) violations that took place in Rogers Center last year. As a result, the Jays had to institute two "dry nights" on their home schedule.

Maybe that's what all the uproar was about, eh?

Regardless, The Tao of Stieb is mad at his fellow Blue Jays fans (at least the hooligans in those outfield seats) for their unruliness, not to mention possibly putting an impressive Opening Day victory in jeopardy.

There's nothing wrong with enthusiasm, and there's nothing wrong with having a bit of drunken debaucherous superfan fun at the game. But there is one - AND ONLY ONE - legitimate reason to throw something on the field at a baseball game, and there is only one reason to cheer on someone who throws shit on the field at a baseball game.

If the other team hits a home run and you catch or pick up the ball after it has ricocheted off of someone's melon, then - AND ONLY THEN - can you take the home run ball and toss it back on the field of play.

That's it. End of story.

Indeed. Toronto is one my favorite cities on this planet, and one of the things that's always impressed me is how exceedingly friendly and polite the people are. Don't give the place a bad name with this bulljive. Keep it clean tonight.