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Game 2: Tigers at Blue Jays

Edwin Jackson vs. David Purcey, 7:07 p.m. EST

It would be silly to call tonight's game a "must-win," but it would certainly be nice to get that first one out of the way so all of the "Oh, no - here we go again! 0-7!" talk gets shushed down.

We get our first look at Edwin Jackson, which I know a lot of Tigers fans are excited about. And for all the furor over trading Matt Joyce for him this winter, that trade looks damn good, considering all the attrition the pitching staff suffered through in Spring Training. Shutting down the Jays tonight would help with that, obviously.

In two starts against the Tigers last year, David Purcey gave up only one run and four hits total. Purcey's control was off in that first game, as he issued seven walks in 4.1 innings, but Detroit couldn't make him pay for those mistakes. (Despite that, Purcey was sent to the minors afterwards.)

Marcus Thames gets his first start of the season, batting seventh at designated hitter. Carlos Guillen takes left field tonight, and bats fifth.