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Morning Prowl: Three-Homer Club, Fake Grandy, Humble Pie, and... "Cabby"?

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How many other players have hit home runs in their first three games of the season, as Brandon Inge has now done? Jason Beck has the list for you. (I suppose the next step is to check how each of those players finished their respective seasons.)

If you didn't catch this story, someone has been pretending to be Curtis Granderson on Twice, actually. It looks like MLB is onto the guy now, however. Here's more from The Cutoff Man.

So I guess this means I should take down my fake Clete Thomas account. Although I'm set to be very busy this weekend.

Over at The Spot Starters, Blake wonders if Justin Verlander needs to have a slice of humble pie.

Have you ever seen the movie Slither? If so, tell me if Samara's image of Zach Miner's face on a matzah ball reminds you of anything in particular. Or maybe it's just me.

Take 75 North has previews for your 2009 Lakeland Flying Tigers, West Michigan Whitecaps, Erie Seawolves,

Old English D is not pleased with the "Cabby" nickname that Mario Impemba and Rod Allen have hung on Miguel Cabrera. I totally agree. Put your thinking caps on because that's going to be a future thread here.

Big League Stew is soliciting captions for what might be the saddest picture ever from Rogers Centre. (And no, of course it's not this one.)

So why did David Purcey miss his catcher so badly while trying to issue an intentional walk to Brandon Inge on Tuesday? He's never had to do it before.

Richard MacLeod also brings up a good point, in that plays like that are why baseball still bothers to make pitchers throw four times, as opposed to just issuing an automatic pass.

Buster Olney writes about Aaron Hill's comeback from a concussion suffered last season. He's certainly been taking out his recovery on the Tigers so far, with one homer and five RBIs in the first three games of this season.

Do you think The Good Luck Joes have any idea how loathed "April in the D" has become in just three days? (I'm going to say it's their song that's despised, not them, because I haven't heard anything else from them.)

No offense, because they look like nice guys and seem talented. But they might want to be ready for that when performing tomorrow. Or maybe they just don't care because this is their break.