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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

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Well, hello there. Enjoying your off-day? It's a bit more relaxing when the Tigers are in first place, right?

Today, we get to bask in a little bit of afterglow, with the Tigers sweeping the Indians over the weekend and perhaps a shift taking place within the AL Central. (I suppose we can't get too cocky with a visit to the Metrodome this week, however.)

So standing aside, how are you feeling about the team right now? Do you like how things are coming together? Or do you still have some concerns? Do you feel like Jim Leyland still hasn't quite figured out the bullpen, other than Fernando Rodney closing out the ninth inning? And what do the Tigers do with Carlos Guillen when he's ready to return? Anything else on your mind?

Of course, you're free to veer off-topic, too. Have you seen Star Trek or "Wolverine" yet? (I saw "Wolverine" last weekend and hated it.) Which TV shows are really doing it for you these days? What did you get your mother for Mother's Day? (Or, for the moms in the neighborhood, how did your children treat you?) Does she need the Mom Translator? Etc., etc.

The rest of the afternoon belongs to you, BYB Bunch.