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Morning Prowl: Grandy's Catch, Winning at the Metrodome, Porcello's Workload, and The Nickname Game

In his latest post for Big League Stew, Curtis Granderson walks us through Grandyland and talks about that amazing over-the-fence catch Friday night in Cleveland. Does he practice this stuff or does instinct just take over?

Over at Mack Avenue Tigers, Kurt has outlined a four-point plan for winning at the Metrodome. We'll have to keep track of how the Tigers followed Kurt's blueprint for success over the next three nights.

Could the Tigers skip Rick Porcello's next turn in the rotation to keep his workload down? Leyland hinted at such a possibility. (Maybe that's why Dontrelle Willis was called up this week.)

Blake would like to know which Gerald Laird to expect for the rest of this season: the guy who hit .340/.426/.489 before April 25, or the one who's hit .031/.179/.031 (yeesh!) since then?

DesigNate Robertson lists the assorted nicknames given to several Tigers. Thankfully, he chose to ignore "The Cougar," which Always a Tiger rightfully shreds to pieces.

This "Cougar" stuff has also inspired Billfer to take action. And as we all know, an organization with an acronym (B.A.N.A.L. - Bloggers Against Nickname Abuse; the "L" stands for whatever you want it to) simply cannot be ignored. I expect Bill to be a guest on "Baseball Tonight," "MLB Tonight," or "Outside the Lines" very soon to discuss this growing problem in our society.

And that reminds me: It's long overdue, but I've whittled down the candidates for BYB's Official Nickname for Miguel Cabrera. Take a look and cast your vote. Or don't. Maybe we've taken this as far as it can go.

Over in the FanPosts, we have a question about pitching prospect Luis Marte. So far in Double-A this season, he has a 2-2 record and 3.34 ERA in five starts (along with 29 strikeouts and five walks in 29.2 innings).

Housekeeping: A handful of new Tigers (or Detroit sports) blogs - which include BYB regulars SabreRoseTiger and BigJP - have been added to the left-hand sidebar under the "Tigersosphere" heading. I put a flashy "NEW" in bold next to each link, so please give them a click if you get a chance.

And if there are any links you think I've missed and deserve to be in the sidebar, send over an e-mail and let me know.