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Heartbreaker: Twins 6, Tigers 5

How many different ways can a team lose in a three-game series? You have to give this to the Detroit Tigers: They wanted to be a more versatile team this season. And they certainly covered most every possibility in the "How to Lose Games" handbook.

Tuesday, the Tigers fell behind and couldn't mount a comeback. Last night, they rallied several times, but lost in extra innings on a walk-off grand slam. This afternoon, they blew a 5-0 lead by giving up six runs in the seventh inning, negating one of the more notable starts of Justin Verlander's career. All that's left to do, really, is get blown out. Fortunately, this series is over, so we don't have to see if the Tigers could've lost a game that way, as well.


If you asked someone how today's game went, and were told that Verlander pitched into the seventh inning and racked up a career-high 13 strikeouts, wouldn't you think the Tigers probably won? The Twins could barely touch Verlander for six innings, mustering four hits but never really threatening to score.

But striking so many guys out usually takes a lot of pitches, and Verlander had thrown 109 of them by the seventh inning. He didn't have much left, and that's when it all fell apart.


I suppose Bobby Seay was entitled to a bad outing. (Or two, if you count the run he gave up last night.) Maybe it was because of the short rest, especially with the turnaround from a night game (with extra innings) to a getaway matinee. Or maybe he was kind of due for a stinker.

Whatever the explanation, Seay brought out the gas can, putting all five runners he faced on base. (His one out was made on a fielder's choice.) Four runs scored - two of which were charged to Verlander - and what looked like a sure thing went up in flames.

Random Thought:

I have grown to despise Joe Crede. After hitting the walk-off grand slam last night, he drove in the go-ahead run today. And he did it on a bloop single, dropping it into that Bermuda Triangle between shortstop, second base, and centerfield. Not only that, Crede struck out to begin that seventh inning! Yet there he was, given another chance to stick in the shiv after the Twins batted through their lineup.

Crede is not only a five-star Tigers killer, but I'm now convinced that if I were ever to get married, he would be the guy that spoke up during the ceremony and stole my bride. If I were to have a child, I would find out Crede was the father. If I was in the electric chair, he would be the one to flip the switch.

He is Keyser Soze. He is Darth Vader. We are the fly, Joe Crede is the windshield.

Comment of the Day:

it got real negative in here real fast didn't it?

by jelletlambie