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Morning Prowl: Tigers Killers, Making Statements, Unexpected Hitting, and 11 Strikeouts

The Spot Starters put together a fun list (well, depending on how you choose to look at it) of Top 10 Tigers Killers. I was surprised that Kelly Shoppach wasn't on the list, though he hasn't done much against the Tigers this year.

Always a Tiger wonders if MLB might scrutinize the Tigers more closely if they put Armando Galarraga on the DL for a "tired arm" after they sidelined Dontrelle Willis due to an anxiety disorder.

Juan Rincon? Not always a Tiger. The team announced it officially yesterday: He's opted to decline his assignment to the minors, and thus will become a free agent.

Buster Olney highlighted the Tigers as one of seven teams that "made a statement" over the weekend. (Another of the teams was the Rangers, which should mean we're in for an interesting series this week.)

Over at Fangraphs, Dave Cameron notes how well the Tigers' role players are hitting. (Also noted: How well the Rangers are playing defense.)

Something else worth keeping an eye on with the Rangers over the next three days: How deep will their starters pitch into the ballgame? With a new approach preached by Nolan Ryan and Mike Maddux, throwing six innings is becoming common among the starting rotation.

Danny Knobler points out that Justin Verlander could join some rather exclusive company if he strikes out 11 batters on Wednesday night.

The Dugout hasn't been quite as funny since moving over to Fanhouse, but you must read their account of Tampa manager Joe Maddon filling out his lineup card.

Twinkie Town analyzes whether or not the Twins have the worst bullpen in baseball. Isn't Joe Nathan still their closer?